Because 2011 was such a good year i only expect to have so much fun in 2012 as i did this year.
Is time not to make new year's resolutions but to be thankful for the amazing year i had.
I lived what i thought i never would live, i had my Erasmus experience, i lived abroad, i studied in Spain and UK and i just lived the dream of being free and do whatever i want.
I spread my wings and fly, sometimes i also lost my flights but this is all part of the experience.
My feelings are HAPPY and GRATEFUL for all i achieved, for all the new amazing friends i found this year and also for the ones i didn't lose, for all the dreams that become my everyday.
For all of you that comes here to visit me i wish you can live the dreams you have, is just a great experience, don't be scared of just go for them, they will compensate you and you will be happy!
See you next year!

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