Bem como é suposto e ficava-me bem dar alguma coisa no 100º post
(não percebo esta lógica, pensava eu que o suposto era receber presentes)
dou-vos notícias de quem está a dar.... para ser diferente!

E pronto, OKOKO, eu também vou dar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY GIVE AWAY is a WIP!
Ofereço um descansa-canecas/coaster para o comentário mais divertido sobre o meu 100º post. Podem comentar até 31 de Maio e os portes de envio são por minha conta.

22 Responses to “GIVE A WAYS”

  1. # Blogger maria

    Amiga, eu comentei no post 100 para ganhar o prémio! É lá que se comenta, não é?! Se for aqui, diz-me !!!! Tb posso começar este post...  

  2. # Blogger mariazinha

    Vou sortear entre os comments neste post e no 100º...por causa das confusões!  

  3. # Blogger maria

    Obg... ;)))  

  4. # Blogger rosário albuquerque

    ai que fixe! tou nessa!  

  5. # Blogger free indeed

    Not sure if I'm signing up at the right spot, but I'd be happy to win your WIP....I think? LOL. What is it of? ANy pictures?  

  6. # Blogger Bec Clarke

    I will sign up too if I am in the right spot.  

  7. # Blogger Stephanie and Carlos

    Haha... let's win WIP? hmmm I am sure it would be a funny story to tell how we won a Wip!!
    We're joining in the fun too!!

    xo Steph  

  8. # Blogger Anne

    hope i'm in the right spot; please count me in!  

  9. # Blogger NAB

    OOOh Count me in!!! and the fact that its coming from Portugal is a plus I love it there!


  10. # Blogger Jennifer Ladd

    I used my English and my French to try to understand your post in Portuguese!! I think ... congratulations on your 1000th post on your blog?? Thanks for the chance to win.

    jennifereladd at yahoo dot com  

  11. # Blogger Mee a Bee

    Not sure what it is but judging by your blog it will be cool! WIP! sounds intriguing. Count me in. Thanks  

  12. # Blogger Bella

    Congrats!!! and I would love to win your WIP!! Thanks.  

  13. # Blogger RosaMaría

    aunque entiendo un poco lo que escribes, debo decir que tienes un lindo blog!  

  14. # Blogger Dawn

    WIP sound fun to win!! Thanks!  

  15. # Blogger zees5

    I can't wait to see your WIP - I'd love to win!  

  16. # Blogger Julie in WA

    I can't understand a word, except WIP. I know that one all too well. I'd love to win your WIP as long as it is no longer actually in progress!  

  17. # Blogger Robin C

    I agree with Julie above, I can't understand your language but WIP are intriguing so please add me to the drawing if it's not too late.  

  18. # Blogger Rafael's Mum

    algo diferente...mmm... me gusta ! Muchas gracias por esto!  

  19. # Blogger La Gitan Mystique

    Congratulations on your 100th post. If I read correctly I think your drawing was on May 31, but I'm not sure. If I'm not to late, and I'm in the right spot, please sign me up for your giveaway.

    Thank You,



  20. # Blogger sandyandcosmo

    I'd love to win a WIP even if I have to finish it!


  21. # Blogger Erin@1N3sew

    i do hope i hop into the right spot too ^_^
    would like to join your draw!

    if you like batek prints, join mine at my blog!  

  22. # Blogger danielle

    congratulations on your 100th post! please count me in for your giveaway!  

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